Pre-ScalaMatsuri Ligtning Talks online meetup

Sun, 30 Aug 2020 17:00 - 21:40 JST
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Pre-ScalaMatsuri Online Lightning Talks meetup.

As we announced, ScalaMatsuri 2020 will be an online-only conference..
Ref: ScalaMatsuri Blog

As this will be the first time for ScalaMatsuri to be held online, we will be holding a Pre-ScalaMatsuri online rehearsal on August 30th to help make ScalaMatsuri better!

CAUTION: No simultaneous interpretation will be provided.

Timetable. (All time slot is described in JST, UTC+9)

The order of sessions is not fixed yet, and might be modified later.

Time Title Language Speakers
17:00- Registration
17:30-17:40 Opening. Japanese and English
17:40-17:50 Migration from Kotlin to Scala, by force (tentative title) Japanese Kory
17:50-18:00 How I studied Akka in the last few months Japanese FUJII Yoshitaka @yoshiyoshifujii
18:00-18:10 A Scala Beginner's Guide to Hom Functor in Scala Japanese Kazuyuki TAKASE
18:10-18:20 Some Thoughts on Client-Server Configuration in Scala.js Japanese Okuno, CTO of Splink, Inc.
18:20-18:40 Break
18:40-18:50 A Scala newbie wanted to grow a method in ________. Japanese 集約のエンティティ @pictiny
18:50-19:00 How to create a Scala.js React web application in Slinky Japanese @nomadblacky
19:00-19:20 Benefit and difficulty to introduce Scala and Play Framework
into a startup which members are all beginners.
Japanese KOSKA, Inc.
CEO Kenichiro Sone
Kazuki Moriyama
19:20-19:40 Break
19:40-21:40 Party / Networking

Note: The Japanese titles have been translated into English using DeepL.

How to Join.

In this event, we will use Discord and Zoom Webinar. We will send an invitation URL to those who have registered for this event from this page.
We recommend you to use PC for both Discord and Zoom.

For Speakers.

  • If possible, we would like you to participate in the online MTG to confirm the speaker's environment.
  • Please use either Japanese or English for your slides and presentation.
  • Each presentation will be 10 minutes long. You can have small Q&A during the session, or at the party.
  • ScalaMatsuri asks all participants, including the speakers, to abide by the Code of Conduct and to check their presentation materials in advance. Please send in your presentation materials by noon JST (UTC+9) on the day of the event. We would appreciate it if you could send your presentation materials as soon as possible.Please send them to cfp[at]

Other Notes.

Please review the Code of Conduct and participate only if you agree to it.

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