ScalaMatsuri 2022 (Online)

Sat, 19 Mar 2022 10:00 - Sun, 20 Mar 2022 17:00 JST
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The largest Scala conference ScalaMatsuri in Asia

Announcements will also be made at @scalamatsuri.

ScalaMatsuri 2022 is held online-only. (ref)

ScalaMatsuri 2022 guide: Tips on making the online conference experience 120% better(ref)

Conference T-shirts will be available at ScalaMatsuri online shop (ref).


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Simultaneous interpretation will be available for all the talks.

Day1 Conference day

Schedule Title Language Speaker GitHub
10:00 GMT+9 Opening 20minutes
10:25 GMT+9 Introduction to Abstract Type Members 20 minutes Japanese NAKAMURA Manabu (gakuzzzz) gakuzzzz
10:50 GMT+9 Beautiful Domain Logic 20 minutes English Pierre Ricadat ghostdogpr
11:25 GMT+9 Tuples and Mirrors in Scala3 and Higher-kinded data 20 minutes Japanese @phenan phenan
12:00 GMT+9 Purely Functional Programming with Cats Effect 3 and Scala 3 40 minutes Japanese Toshiyuki Takahashi tototoshi
13:10 GMT+9 Introducing Quine: a Streaming Graph for Modern Data Pipelines 20 minutes English Ryan Wright rrwright
13:35 GMT+9 Intro to Bazel 20 minutes Japanese Eugene Yokota eed3si9n
14:10 GMT+9 Pattern of Implement Domain Object with Akka Persistence Typed 20minutes Japanese TSUJI Yohei (crossroad0201) crossroad0201
14:35 GMT+9 Alp-original Eff pearls 20minutes Japanese Tsubasa Matsukawa ma2k8
15:10 GMT+9 Closing/Prepare for after party 15minutes
15:30 GMT+9 After party 90minutes
17:00 GMT+9 End of day 1

Day2 Open Mic Conference Day

There are 2 tracks. Program will be decided at the Day2 opening. Please check Official HP

Schedule Title Language Speaker GitHub
10:00 GMT+9 Opening 60min
11:00 GMT+9 5 sponsor sessions, 10 sessions for 2 tracks 30min / session
17:00 GMT+9 closing 30min
17:00 GMT+9 End of day 2


Discord + Zoom
Discord invitation link will be announced later.


  • If you will make a presentation in this conference, you don't have to buy any ticket.
  • Please check Code of conduct and buy only if you can agree it.
  • We will take photos for the purpose of public relations. We appreciate your understanding.

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ScalaMatsuri (Scala Conference in Japan) group for participants. ScalaMatsuri 2020 will be held on Oct. 17th - 18th. Join us if you are interested in the next event.

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