ScalaMatsuri 2017

Sat, 25 Feb 2017 09:30 - Sun, 26 Feb 2017 17:00 JST

Plaza Heisei, Tokyo International Exchange Center(東京国際交流館 プラザ平成)

Tokyo Academic Park, 2-2-1 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8630 Japan (東京都江東区青海2-2-1)


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Public (1st offer) ¥10,000 prepaid
Public (2nd offer) ¥15,000 prepaid
Student (with Party) ¥5,000 prepaid
Student(without Party) ¥3,000 prepaid
High school student Free
When you use a student ticket, please show us your student ID at the reception.


"ScalaMatsuri 2017" The largest Scala conference in Asia

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type price memo
Public (1st offer) 10000yen
Public (Final offer) 15000yen
Student (with Party) 5000yen
Student (without Party) 3000yen


  • All tickets valid through 2-Days. These tickets include below.
    • Voting session
    • Goods (T-shirt, etc.)
    • Night Party of Feb 25 (exclude without-party ticket for student)
    • Foods
      • Lunch of Feb 25
      • Breakfast and lunch of Feb 26
  • If you bought a student ticket, we will check your student ID at the reception.
    • We will check it before the event if necessary.
  • No refunds will be offered to participants who cancel. You are free to transfer your ticket to somebody else.
  • If you will make a presentation in this conference, you don't have to buy any ticket.
  • The conference starts at 10am but the venue will be open from 9am. Please arrive in plenty of time, as we expect the reception to be crowded.
  • Please check Code of conduct and buy only if you can agree it.
  • We will take photos for the purpose of public relations. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Please take care for the weather. The average temperature is about 5 degrees Celsius, and around the venue is always windy.

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ScalaMatsuri (Scala Conference in Japan) group for participants. ScalaMatsuri 2020 will be held on Oct. 17th - 18th. Join us if you are interested in the next event.

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