ScalaBridge Tokyo

Sat, 29 Jun 2019 12:40 - 17:40 JST

東京国際交流館プラザ平成施設 ScalaMatsuri 会場G (会議室5)

東京都江東区青海2-2-1 国際研究交流大学村内 プラザ平成


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ScalaBridge Tokyo is an introductory Scala programming workshop for women and engineers from all underrepresented background (race, gender, age etc) to build more inclusive Scala community.

This event will be conducted under ScalaMatsuri Code-of-conduct. You're expected to read and agree with our code-of-conduct.


ScalaBridge Tokyo will be co-located with ScalaMatsuri 2019 at Unconference day. Please note you need to register via this event, page, even if you've already purchased ScalaMatsuri 2019 Conference day & Unconference day ticket.

You can apply only to ScalaBridge Tokyo in June 29th. If you're not going to participate other sessions in ScalaMatsuri 2019 Unconference, you don't need to buy other ticket for ScalaMatsuri 2019.


In ScalaBridge Tokyo, you'll go through Creative Scala, write Scala codes , answer quiz and learn Scala. You can feel free to ask questions and get help from tutors in the venue whenever you like.

For your preparation, please follow Getting Started in Creative Scala and set up your environment to write Scala codes.


  • Registration opens 12:40
  • Workshop starts 13:10
  • Closing 17:40

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